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Nectar Utility

The utility suite of Honeycomb is grouped under Nectar Utilities. These programs are designed to allow NFTs to provide unique game features: idle token rewards for NFT holders, quests or missions, and raffle based games (i.e., lootboxes).

Staking Program

The Staking Program works alongside the Game Token Manager in the Asset Hub to allow for in-game idle rewards or yields for the respective NFT holders.

Configurations for both custodial and non-custodial are available within the Staking Program. Custodial staking will use an escrow wallet to hold the assets, while a non-custodial configuration will initialize the Freeze Authority for the user. Non-custodial allows for the asset to remain in the user wallet.

Token rewards or yields can be configured with the following customizations:

  1. Staking Age Based (length of time that the NFT is staked)
  2. Number of NFTs staked by a specific holder
  3. Collection based multipliers
  4. Creator based multipliers
  5. Specific NFT multiplier
  6. Specific NFT trait multiplier

Mission Program

The Missions Program allows for players to complete "quests" or tasks to receive a reward or holder benefit. Either custodial or non-custodial can be utilized in the Missions Program. NFTs that are on a mission or quest will be time-locked until the asset is authorized to be returned/unlocked to the player.

Advanced Missions

More complex missions based games can be developed from the Missions Program. If Missions are utilized as in-game quests, then the project can be developed for the NFT holders to farm resources that are used within the game.

Guild Missions

When combined with the Buzz Kit, we can allow holders to establish a membership, leadership and hierarchy within the Guild or Party. This group of holders will then be able to send NFT's together on missions and determine the reward distribution to each individual.

Raffle Program (Loot Boxes)

The Raffle Program consists of a back-end solution and admin panel that can be configured to manage rewards for players. A admin dashboard is available to be customized with the inputs and raffle details. The raffle can either be gated with the Hive Control through the Fee Authorization or locally gated on the admin dashboard. A player can enter the raffle through the specified token that is managed in the Asset Hub token manager.


We are currently refactoring legacy code-base to be include in Honeycomb but will be available in Q1 2024.